A Wiccan Lesson Plan

Many people believe that the only way to learn about Wicca is to be initiated into a coven and be taught by a higher standing member, or to be taught be a solitary teacher somewhere. I never learned anything this way. It's especially hard when you're the only pagan in a 50 mile radius, in a very conservative town. When you don't have anyone to teach you, and don't know what you're doing, don't worry. You can teach yourself. The only thing it requires is a net connection, a few books, and alot of self discipline. You can use the guidline below, or create your own. I suggest getting a notebook to write the answers to the questions as you go along. You can find these answers online here or many other Wiccan sites, in books (see the Reccomended Reading section), and sometimes even within yourself. Good Luck!

I. Ethics

  1. The Law of Return: What goes around, comes around.
    1. What does this mean to you?
    2. How does it apply to your life?
    3. How does it apply to your magick practices?
  2. Perfect Love and Perfect Trust: It must be maintained between partners.
    1. Define "Perfect Love and Perfect Trust"
    2. How do you know when to trust someone?
    3. Who should you trust, and when should you maintain secrecy?
  3. Wiccan Rede: If you wish to become a wiccan, it's important to understand the rede.
    1. What is the meaning of the rede?

II. Preparatory Understanding

  1. Faith: You must fully believe in magick for it to work.
    1. What does the phrases "magic is afoot" and "magic is everywhere" mean?
  2. Willpower: Nothing can stop you from reaching your goal.
    1. What are some possible obstacles to magick?
    2. How can you overcome those obstacles?
  3. Privacy: When to talk, when to preserve secrecy.
    1. Why should you sometimes keep your magick inention to yourself?
    2. When should you tell someone about your practices?
    3. How do these rules apply to a coven or group ritual atmosphere?
    4. Do you plan to "go public", or practice as a silent solitary?
  4. Willingness and Fearlessness: Leave your doubts at the door.
    1. Are you ready to walk a path less traveled, and less understood?
    2. If you are trying to change religions (ie to wicca or another form of paganism), are you prepared to give up whatever religion you may have been raised in?
    3. What fears or trepidations do you have? These must be dealt with before you can go any further.

III. Magick Prep Skills

  1. Cleansing
    1. Define "cleansing"
    2. Define "ritual bath"
    3. What is one method for cleansing?
  2. Raising/controlling energy- These topics must be practiced and understood:
    1. Meditation
    2. Grounding
    3. Centering
    4. Concentration/Focus
  3. Visualization of a single goal
    1. Practice and understand visualization techniques
  4. Casting and opening a circle
    1. Why cast circles?
    2. Must you always cast a circle before rituals?
    3. One method for casting a circle
    4. One method for opening it afterwards

IV. Beginning Spellcraft

  1. Creating your own spells
    1. Why not just use pre-created spells?
    2. Create a basic outline for all-purpose spell use
    3. Types of magic: research each form of magick and when each is appropriate to use:
      1. Spells/Rituals/Rites
      2. Poppets/Dolls
      3. Mojo bags
      4. Potions and philtres
  2. Putting it all together: research and understand why, where, when, and how to use various spell elements:
    1. Affirmations, chants, and incantations
    2. Color correspondences
    3. Candle magick
    4. Stone magick
    5. "charms.html">Amulets, talismans, charms
    6. Timing
      1. Days of the week
      2. Days of the year
      3. Lunar phases/cycles
      4. Astrological cycles
    7. Herbs:
      1. Meanings and magickal uses of herbs
      2. Incense
      3. Essential oils
    8. Elements- Know the correspondences, meanings, and usages of:
      1. Water
      2. Earth
      3. Fire
      4. Air
      5. Akasha
    9. Elemental Spirits
    10. Invocations
    11. Tools (ie, athame, chalice, broom, etc)

Do you have to use ALL of these elements in every spell you create? (hint: NO) Explain.

V. Advanced Skills

  1. Divination
    1. Gain a basic understand of each form of divination:
      1. Scrying
      2. Astrology
      3. Tarot
      4. Runes
      5. Runesticks
      6. Pendulums
      7. I Ching
      8. Oneiromancy (dream divination)
      9. Tasseography (tea leaf reading)
      10. Ovamancy (egg divination)
      11. Bibliomancy (book divination)
      12. Ceromancy (candle wax divination)
      13. Geomancy (sand or dirt divination)
      14. Ouija
    2. Develop a divining skill
      1. Which form or forms of divination interest you most?
      2. Research skill(s) of interest and attempt to practice them
      3. What forms of divination are easiest or more natural for you?
  2. Psychic Powers
    1. Gain a basic understand of each form of psychicism:
      1. Precognition
      2. Clairvoyance
      3. Telepathy
      4. Telempathy
      5. Clairaudience
      6. Clairsentience
      7. Telekinesis
      8. Teleportation
    2. Develop a psychic skill
      1. Which form or forms of psychicism interest you most?
      2. Do you feel you have any natural psychic powers?
      3. If so, research ways to develop your natural skills.
  3. Beyond the Body
    1. Out-of-Body Experiences
      1. What are they? How are they different from astral traveling?
      2. State and summarize some methods
      3. Have you ever experienced this phenomenon? What is it like?
      4. What abilities do you have that you normally don't have on the physical plane?
    2. Astral Travel
      1. What is it? Compare it to OBEs (Out-of-Body Experiences)
      2. State and summarize some methods to induce it.
      3. Discuss wraths, travelers, and the characteristics of this plane versus the physical and OBE planes.
      4. Have you experienced it? And if so describe it.

This Lesson Plan borrowed with much Gratitude from SpiritOnline